How To Navigate without GPS or Satellite or Mobile Apps

Navigating By Compass

A compass can be used in many ways, from telling which way is North to finding hidden treasure or following an unmarked path over wilderness terrain. But, you've got to take baby steps, so let's talk about how the a compass is laid out.

There are four cardinal points on a compass - North, South, East, and West. When reading a compass, and telling other people directions, you need to wipe "right" and "left" out of your vocabulary. Right and Left are relative directions and differ depending on your location and direction, but the cardinal points are constant.

Other Methods How To Find Your Way Around Without GPS Nav:

Raise your eyes to the rooftops.

TV satellite dishes point toward geostationary satellites, which remain over the same point on the earth’s surface—usually the equator. Although this will vary slightly from city to city, those in the Northern Hemisphere tend to point south.

Use the sun.

Just like in the wilderness, the sun can be a reliable signpost. In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is due south at noon, when it is highest in the sky. Don’t be fooled by its position at sunrise or sunset, however, as this changes with the seasons.

Follow the crowd.

At rush hour, note which way people are walking and you will most likely know which direction to head in order to find a train or bus station.