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Welcome to, the home of free directions, maps and our awesome routeplanner tool. Our routeplanner is powered by Google Maps™, MapQuest™, Bing Maps™ & Yahoo Maps™.

No matter if you plan a long road-trip, or simply have to get from A to B in your own city - Easy To Use Directions got you covered.

You can find directions to your destination very easy and fast, additionally there are multiple options to customize your route, which we will explain below.

Simply begin by filling in your starting point in the field on the left-hand side labeled "Where are you starting?", make sure to select an entry from the suggested locations in the menu and do not simply write out the location. Once you selected a location from the suggestions, the "Where are you going?" field is focused automatically and you can immediately continue to write out your destination, without ever needing to touch your mouse.

After you also selected your destination from the suggested locations, you can proceed by clicking the "Get Directions" button and your route will be calculated automatically. Once our system got your route ready, a window will open where you can see the turn by turn directions that will lead you to your destination. You can scroll down to see all of the directions. (Turn by Turn directions can get pretty long so we had to limit the available height).

You have the following options to customize your route:

Easy To Use Driving Directions

Our goal is to provide you with easy to read & understand turn by turn directions powered by Google Maps™, MapQuest™, Bing Maps™ & Yahoo Maps™. We hope you will safely reach your destination with the help of

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Our newest feature is a free hotel search, in over 5000 US cities. Now you won't just be able to plan the route for your next holidays or road-trip with us, now you can plan your complete holidays from A-Z.

The Hotel search feature shows highest rated hotels first. That way it is very easy for you to easily find the best hotel in the best location in your destination location.

To get started, just select the state of where your destination lays in the field labeled "Hotel Search". Once you did that, you will see a list of cities load for that state. Now you can simply click the city that interests you, and the map area will show the all of the hotels in the area.

To find more hotels, simply drag the map around, you will see every time you change the location of the map that new hotels are found.

If you'd like to see further information, simply click the hotel marker in the map, or alternatively the Hotel name in the list that appears on your screen.

Tip: Once you found a hotel you like, you can click the Hotel name in the info window and the hotel website will open in a new browser window.

We really hope this will provide a useful tool for you and would love to receive feedback from you.

- Your Easy To Use Directions Team.